Longcodes Service


A Long Code is additionally known as a Virtual Mobile number. it's merely a 10 digit number to which you'll text or call. Long Codes are rather like your mobile number. Your own number is 10 digits (xxx-xxx-xxxx) so on. we simply call them long because 10 digits is longer than Short Codes that are 5 or 6 digits. a long Code permits a personal to engage and interact with a brand -- to send text messages to a company’s mobile application as well as voting, polling, games, contests, coupons, and a range of different exciting interactive applications. Long Codes allow customers to move, communicate and get involved on an obsessive number provided for the service.

Long code provides an unique number for promotion, a unique identity which may facilitate to a good extent to the advertisers in generating the leads. It helps in building a brand value for the organization. It could be of great facilitate to international organizations who need to run international campaigns.